For full-semester classes, students will be sent an SRT invitation by email 24 days prior to the last day of class (click here for data collection windows for all course lengths), If Canvas is in use, a prompt will appear on their Canvas page. Students may complete the SRT using a desktop computer, laptop, smart phone or other mobile device with internet connectivity.

Faculty action is not needed for online administration, although you may wish to:

NOTE: Faculty CANNOT be present while SRTs are being completed; please step outside the classroom during this time.


All SRTs, whether collected on paper or online, produce an electronic report for each instructor.

The reports for online SRTs contain a summary of all responses, including the open-ended questions. Online SRT reports will be available approximately three weeks after the semester ends in the PeopleSoft system.

To view an electronic report, please log in to EXPLORANCE BLUE.

Sample Report


By the University

The dean or chancellor of each college or campus, in consultation with faculty and other instructors, will determine whether and how written comments on student evaluation forms may be used in personnel decisions. Each college will inform the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs on its collegiate policy regarding the use of written comments. The policy also stipulates that unfairly prejudicial comments will be withheld from the file upon request of the instructor concerned and accordingly will not be part of annual or other reviews.

For additional information, please see the Administrative Policy on the Evaluation of Teaching.

Consult your Department Contact for information on your college’s collegiate policy regarding the use of written comments (please note, by clicking this link, you will be directed to a Google document that requires your university email address).

By Faculty

Tools to improve instruction

By Students

The SRT has questions for students to rate their instructor and an additional set of questions that allow students to rate their course. The SRT data collected on the instructor questions will not be released to students.

To assist students in course selection, SRT responses that pertain to a course (not a specific instructor) are made available under the provisions of current University Administration policy for the following campuses:

  • Morris
  • Rochester
  • Twin Cities

To view SRT course results for these campuses click here.

Information on Faculty Privacy