University Senate policy requires the evaluation of all courses taught at the University. OMS oversees online and paper-based SRT administration and reporting for the Crookston, Morris, Rochester, and Twin Cities campuses, and online SRT administration and reporting for the Duluth campus.

For semester-long classes, Student Rating of Teaching (SRT) takes place during the last 24 days of classes, before final exams (see below for data collection windows for all course lengths).

Course Length Data Collection: Twin Cities, Crookston, Morris, Rochester Data Collection: Duluth
83 days or longer The last 24 days of instruction The last 14 days of instruction
5-82 days The last 25% of the class instruction time The last 20% of class instruction time
4 days or fewer The last day of instruction The last day of instruction

The course length is calculated based on the duration between the earliest instance of the "first class" meeting and the latest "last class" meeting in the PeopleSoft system.

Instructors may encourage students to complete ratings on a certain day within the data collection window (for example, by setting aside focused time for students in a specific class period).


To assist students in course selection, SRT responses that pertain to a course (not a specific instructor) are made available under the provisions of current University Administration policy for Rochester, Twin Cities and Morris campuses.

Instructors and report readers view response rates and reports through the online SRT platform by logging in at