Student Ratings of Teaching (SRTs) are a vital resource for faculty members, helping faculty better understand how to improve their courses and overall instruction. It is important that all faculty members closely follow the steps for administering SRTs to maximize data quality.


All SRTs produce an electronic report for each instructor. SRT results are used make informed decisions for purposes such as:

  • Providing input for faculty tenure, salary, and promotion decisions
  • Improving course instruction
  • Assisting students in course selection


Faculty data privacy is protected through compliance with University policy, data processing procedures, and in-house security. The University considers SRT data that directly identify instructors as personnel data. As such, it is protected by the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, which prohibits the public release of personnel data. In support of this distinction between course data and instructor data, the SRT form separates instructor-specific questions from course- specific questions.


Here are some tools and tips for improving course instruction.


Additional SRT Information for Faculty Members