What is the MyIDEAS Hub

A platform for U of M students, faculty, and staff to share and vote on ideas and solutions in a collaborative and engaging environment. By crowdsourcing within a multidisciplinary community you can discover new insights and turn ideas into action faster than ever before.

It takes just one great idea to have a huge impact, and great ideas are everywhere! They are in the minds of all of our students, faculty and staff. Use the MyIDEAS Hub to discover these insights and solve your challenges.

How MyIDEAS works

We will work with you to design challenges, large or small. You choose the topics or questions that you want ideas for. These are called Challenges. You also choose your intended audience and how long you want the challenge to take.

OMS will walk you through a variety of customization options to ensure that your challenge will gather the ideas and solutions you are looking for. We will create and moderate the challenge, providing you with dashboards to monitor the results in real time. When the challenge concludes, we will provide you with data exports, analysis, and recommendations based on the results.

When to use MyIDEAS

MyIDEAS is a great option if you have a topic or question that you want to quickly generate creative and actionable solutions for.  It's a robust alternative to shorter surveys, open-ended questions, and focus groups. 

Benefits of using MyIDEAS

  • Generate ideas through safe and engaging collaboration between peers 
  • Ideal for initiating multidisciplinary collaboration
  • More interesting and engaging than traditional data collection methods
  • Real time reactions and insights
  • Fully customizable  (branding, communications, challenges, audiences, deliverables)
  • Derive meaning from qualitative data faster than ever
  • Insightful data and reports

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How to use MyIDEAS

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Choose a topic for your challenge

  • A challenge is either a question you want an answer to, or a topic you want opinions on. 
  • Challenges are where ideas will get posted and voted on. 
  • A good challenge should have a clear objective/goal and follow the ‘SMART’ rule (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-specific.)
  • There are a variety of challenge types and customizations. OMS will help you choose the best options, build your challenge, and test it.

Invite your desired audience to participate

  • You can invite students, faculty, and staff to participate in your challenge.
  • OMS will distribute a customizable invitation email to your audience along with reminder emails as needed. 
  • Users will be prompted to create a MyIDEAS account and then will have immediate access to participate in the challenge. 

Capture ideas and insights

  • Sit back and watch as your audience generates ideas, provides comments, and votes on their favorites
  • OMS will moderate the challenge to ensure conversations remain appropriate and on topic. 
  • You will have the ability to view the audience participation in real-time. 

Receive data and a report of findings

  • Once the challenge concludes, OMS will provide you with CSV exports of all ideas, comments, participants, and scores as well as a personalized written report containing challenge and participation statistics, the top 3 ideas for your challenge, and an analysis of audience comments.
  • Additional analysis is available upon request