Qualtrics @ U of M

Qualtrics is the preferred online survey tool of the University of Minnesota because it meets stringent information security requirements not found in most free online survey tools. The University has a campus site license for the Qualtrics survey application. License fees are covered by IT funds. Qualtrics accounts are available at no direct cost to active students, faculty, and staff.

From simple to complex surveys, Qualtrics has a range of features to meet survey creation and distribution needs, and provides data storage and analysis.

General features include:

  • Secure authentication using a UMN Internet ID
  • Ease of use with point-and-click survey building
  • Advanced capabilities, including unique survey questions, branching, piping, and trigger-based responses
  • File upload capability
  • Offline surveys (collect data on a mobile device without access to the internet)
  • A collaboration feature which enables multiple users to work synchronously on shared surveys and data
  • You can easily combine and apply data from other software (SPSS, Mechanical Turk, etc.).
  • Free access to Qualtrics support and trainings anytime
  • Access to the Qualtrics User Google Group where you can ask questions and share your discoveries

Qualtrics also offers complex capabilities for research, so you can:

  • Design randomized experiments
  • Counterbalance and randomize questions and questionnaires
  • Use display logic and survey branching techniques to collect data from specific populations and based on previous responses
  • Display images and .gif files, play movies and audio, and allow subjects to upload files
  • Collect a mixture of both qualitative and quantitative data
  • Pre-screen subjects before they come into a lab setting
  • Interface with mobile devices for daily diary studies
  • Automatically score questionnaires

If you are interested in outsourcing your online survey project, contact the Office of Measurement Services.