Self Service

I want to run my own online survey.
  • You can use Qualtrics, the University's online survey tool for active staff, faculty and students.
I want to run my own online ballot.
  • You can use Simply Voting, the University's online voting and balloting tool for active staff, faculty and students.
I want to send out an online survey and have my own list of participants.

Professional Service

The Office of Measurement Services can provide:
  • Questionnaire and Study Design
  • Data collection through various methods (online, paper - in person or mail, phone, focus groups)
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • More information about these services...
CLA-OIT Research Support Services can provide:
The Office of Institutional Research and Qualtrics can provide:

Survey Resources

Survey Governance
Find out how the University is working to manage survey and survey issues on campus.

Survey Issues
Learn more about issues like oversampling, data privacy and appropriate use of software and how you can do your part!

Institutional Assessment
Learn more about assessment across campus and the various institutional data that is collected here at the University.

Survey Calendar
Find out when institutional or large-scale surveys are happening to help plan the best time to launch your own surveys.