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New: Qualtrics Insights Platform

Qualtrics has announced the launch of their new Qualtrics Insight Platform. This will replace the Research Suite.

What does that mean for us?

There is a new look and feel to the interface, a new Data and Analysis tab, and many new features to learn about. The Office of Measurement Services (OMS) has been investigating the new platform. Read more about OMS Project Manager and Programmer, Jessica Schuett’s reaction to the new platform here.

Preview Period

You are able to switch between the current Research Suite and the new Qualtrics Insight Platform by clicking on your name in the top, right-hand corner of your account home page and selecting “Experience the Qualtrics Insight Platform.” Qualtrics assures us that:

• You can switch back and forth between the new and current version during the preview period
• You can access all your existing reports and data during the preview period and after the transition
• All active surveys will be unaffected


Visit the Qualtrics support page for a complete overview of the new Qualtrics Insight Platform. Additionally, consider attending our live webinars:

Qualtrics Basic Training Webinar Recorded | Live 
Qualtrics Advanced Training Webinar Recorded | Live
Qualtrics Data, Analysis, and Reporting Webinar 
Recorded | Live

What’s Next?

The preview period will end on May 23, 2016. At the end of the preview period, we will transition permanently to the new Qualtrics Insight Platform. You can see when the preview period for your organization will end by simply logging in to Qualtrics. You’ll have access to all your existing data and reports during the preview period and after the transition.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Qualtrics at 800-340-9194.

Post Qualtrics Day Event: Presentation Slides Now Available

Message released November 18th, 2015

Hot off the press! The slides from the Qualtrics Day Event are now available in pdf format:

Panel Services 
Tips for Administrative Staff 
Advanced Training 
What else does Qualtrics Do? 
Qualtrics Used for Teaching and Learning 
Med School—Online Teaching Modules 
U of M Researchers Share Case Studies 
U of M Staff Share Case Studies

Register for Qualtrics Day at the U of M

Message released October 21st, 2015

Qualtrics, the UMN sponsored online survey software, is teaming up with the Office of Measurement Services (OMS) and headed to Minneapolis for “Qualtrics Day at UMN.” We will be on campus Thursday, November 5th and all events will take place in McNamara Alumni Center.

Join us and learn innovative ways to use Qualtrics for ground-breaking research, instructional design, and streamlining all types of data collection processes. Hear from Qualtrics trainers, experts, and our own faculty and staff. Whether you are a new user or are ready to take on more advanced features, there is something for everyone at this conference.

Need help with a project in Qualtrics? Chat with our Qualtrics Experts who will be hosting office hours throughout the event.

Please complete this survey to register and save your spot for our events.

Click here to Register

You can start today to learn more about Qualtrics by visiting us at If you do not already have an account, you can set up your free account by logging in with your school credentials at

By day’s end, we’re hoping you’ll have everything you need to get the most out of Qualtrics. Make sure you mark your calendars for this event. It’s one you’re not going to want to miss. We'll see you soon.

Save the Date for Qualtrics Day!

Message released September 22nd, 2015

Qualtrics and the Office of Measurement Services are hosting a one-day campus event on Thursday, November 5 on the East Bank, with most presentations and training sessions taking place between 11AM and 3PM.

If you are interested in attending, please click on the link below to provide us with your availability and feedback on program content. It should only take 1-2 minutes to complete. Responses are due by Monday, September 28th and feel free to pass this invite onto to any faculty, student, or UMN staff you think may be interested.

Click here for the Qualtrics Day Poll

At this event, Qualtrics staff will be present to answer questions and host training sessions for all levels of Qualtrics users. Also, members of the University will be present to share their knowledge about how they use Qualtrics for pedagogical, research, and administrative activities. This event is free and open to all students, staff, and faculty. No prior knowledge of Qualtrics is needed.

We will be providing more details about the event in the days ahead. Thanks and we hope to see you there!

Qualtrics Academic Success Board
To learn more about the Board and this exciting opportunity, please review announcement listed below.

Academic Client Success Pilot Program—UMN and Qualtrics

Message released August 17th, 2015

I would like to inform you about an exciting new opportunity. The University of Minnesota was selected, as one of 5 universities, to participate in Qualtrics' first-ever Academic Client Success Program. Qualtrics would like to learn more about the needs of their academic users. Which is good news for us! The program aims to create awareness, foster knowledge sharing and increase utilization of the tool and its features.

By participating in the program we will have the opportunity to:

  • provide feedback and gain early access to a new Qualtrics user portal
  • provide feedback and obtain a new user card/flier for distribution
  • host a Qualtrics sponsored on-campus awareness and knowledge sharing event in the Fall

Qualtrics has requested that we form a board of Qualtrics users in varying roles to oversee the program. Our Academic Success Board members are listed below. If you have any questions about the program, please email Shelly Wymer at

Board Members Include:

Shelly Wymer 
Assistant Director, Office of Measurement Services
Business Owner, Qualtrics
Qualtrics Administrator and Board Chair

Tiffany Thayer 
Project Manager, Office of Measurement Services
Qualtrics Professional User Representative and Board Coordinator

Andrew Sell 
Research Project Designer, CLA Research Support Services
Qualtrics Professional User Representative

Ethan Young 
Research Assistant, Psychology
Graduate Student 
Student User

Kristin Janke, Ph.D. 
Professor, Pharmaceutical Care & Health Systems
Director, Wulling Center for Innovation & Scholarship in Pharmacy Education
Qualtrics Faculty User Representative

Rogene Schnell 
Business Analyst, Academic Technology Tools
IT Representative

Formatting Surveys for Mobile Devices

Message released May 20th, 2015

Qualtrics recently released several updates to address mobile compatibility. We have been working with Qualtrics to update our U of M branded templates (themes) and the updates are now complete! Learn more about making your surveys more mobile compatible here.

Outgoing Email Limits

Message released May 20th, 2015

Currently, there are two limitations to the number of emails a Qualtrics user can send through the Qualtrics Mailer. These are in place to restrict possible spam and over surveying of our faculty, students and staff. Read more here about survey issues and here about sampling.

Email Limits

  • 50,000 over the lifetime of your account
  • 10,000 in any 7 day period

Additionally, the University Survey Advisory Team (U-SAT) requests that you notify the team if you are sending a survey out to more than 5,000 U of M faculty, student or staff. By completing the form below, U-SAT can help with the following:

  • determining an appropriate sample size or when a census is necessary
  • scheduling your data collection period so that it doesn’t conflict with other surveys of the same population
  • working with OIT on requests to increase the 7 day or lifetime email limits

To notify U-SAT or request an increase to the Allowed Outgoing Emails setting on your account, fill out the online form at:

NEW! The File Upload Feature

Message released January 14th, 2015

The file upload feature is available immediately to Faculty, Staff and Students with active Qualtrics accounts. This feature is an Item Type and it can be accessed in the Edit Survey section. The product will be available enterprise-wide until December, 2015. Continuing the service will be revisited during contract renewal for the next fiscal year at a later date.

Uploaded files are stored on the Qualtrics servers, just as the other data is stored. Please note that the file size limit is 16MB.

To review documentation or instructions on how to use the file upload feature, please click here.

The Mobile Offline App has been renewed and purchased through Dec, 2015

Message released January 14th, 2015

Thank you to everyone who has been using the Mobile Offline App. We were able to renew the license for another year! The product will be available enterprise-wide through December, 2015. Continuing the service will be revisited during contract renewal for the next fiscal year at a later date.

Availability to the mobile offline app must be applied on an individual basis. Please email to request access.

The Mobile Offline App has been purchased through December, 2014.

Thank you to everyone who filled out the Product Request Form. We were able to consolidate requests and purchase the application for less than it would have cost a few individuals to access the product. The product will be available enterprise-wide until December, 2014. Continuing the service will be revisited during contract renewal in January.

Availability to the mobile offline app must be applied on an individual basis. Please email to request access.

There is a Qualtrics User Group.

Message released April 14th, 2014

A forum/Google group for Qualtrics Users has been created. The following types of information will be available to users:

  • Announcements/Notices
  • Policy Updates
  • New Features
  • Commonly Asked Questions
  • Lessons Learned (inquire if you have a story to share)

How do I join?

  1. Click here to join the group.
  2. Select the 'Join group' button. The Join group dialog box appears.
  3. Fill in the options on the Join Group dialog box.
  4. Select the ‘Join this group’ button. You are now a member of the group.

This is an open group—It is configured to grant you immediate membership

New Qualtrics Professional Services:

Message released April 14th, 2014

TRAININGS- OMS now offers current clients affordable in-person and project specific trainings. Request training with one of our Qualtrics  experts to help you utilize the full range of Qualtrics reporting features. Interested in learning more, click here to complete the training request form. In-person Qualtrics trainings are a professional fee-based service.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       CONSULTATIONS- OMS provides a host of professional survey consultation services available a-la-carte and at an affordable price. Tell us your unique data collection needs and we will recommend the best solution, whether you plan to do-it-yourself or outsource your project. Schedule a free 15 minute phone consult here. Consultations longer than 15 minutes are a professional fee-based service.

Qualtrics Summit 2014
OMS goes to Salt Lake City

February 17-21, Shelly Wymer and Tiffany Thayer from OMS went to Salt Lake City, UT for Qualtrics' first-ever Insight Summit. Shelly was even a featured speaker. While at the summit, they had free access to Qualtrics "Ask the Experts" consulting and met one-on-one with experts from engineering, customer support, and professional services. Here they attended numerous sessions applicable to how the University utilizes our Qualtrics software.

Qualtrics Survey Tool Now Available; UMSurvey Decommissioned

Message Released May 13, 2013

We are pleased to announce that a more robust and user-friendly survey tool, Qualtrics, is now available enterprise-wide to University of Minnesota students, faculty, and staff. The University has licensed Qualtrics, a web-based survey tool, to replace UMSurvey, which—near its end-of-life—will be decommissioned August 2, 2013.

Some of the features Qualtrics provides include:

  • Secure authentication using a UMN Internet ID
  • Ease of use with point-and-click survey building
  • Advanced capabilities, including unique survey questions, branching, piping, and trigger-based responses
  • A collaboration feature which enables multiple users to work synchronously on shared surveys and data
  • Ability to download data into Excel or SPSS with the full syntax retained
  • Help and support provided by Qualtrics, including live training

To learn more, set up an account, and get access to training, visit the Survey Connection website.

Note to Current Qualtrics Account Holders 
We are aware that some University affiliates have existing Qualtrics accounts that were not purchased through a University license. In order to avoid complications and retain access to existing surveys, please contact Qualtrics directly and ask to have your accounts migrated. Email or call 800-340-9194.

For those with existing Qualtrics accounts purchased through a University license, no action is required at this time. Your account will be migrated at a later date.

We are excited to make Qualtrics available to the University! If you have questions related to the transition, email All requests for help can be directed to Qualtrics support.